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Automotive Night Vision System

Night driving support system using an infrared camera



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Product Features

Pedestrian Detection

The Automotive Night Vision Driver Assistance System is primarily designed to detect pedestrians at night time.
Depending on conditions and ambient temperatures. Pedestrians in front of a moving vehicle will be marked with a yellow rectangular box or icon, while pedestrians approaching the vehicle are considered dangerous and the Automotive NVS will show them in a red rectangular box or icon.

The detection model not only includes the upright walking routine pedestrians in front of the vehicle (up to 150 m), but it also includes animals, riding bicycles, electric cars. (currently under development)

Pedestrian Detection in bad weather

Fog simulation - KATECH

Nomal Visible Camera
TOVIS Night Vision System

The driver can easily see the surroundings through a display with limited field of view conditions (fog and rain, snow, dust, etc.) and it is not affected by the light.

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