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Automotive Night Vision System

Night driving support system using an infrared camera



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NVS FIR Camera
ECU Board / Case
LVDS Cable
Power Cable
Composite Video
Cable (FAKRA)

Thermal Imaging Performance 

Sensor Type  Uncooled Micro-bolometer 
Field of View  24.6˚ (H) x 18.3˚ (V)
Spectral Band  8 – 14 μm 
Resolution  384 x 288  
Pixel Pitch  17 μm 
Focal Length 2.4 m to infinity 


Video  NTSC / HDMI / LVDS 
Connector  Automotive(Fakra) connector for video out
8-pin custom connector for power in, audio out 
Frame Rate  < 30 fps 


Power Requirements  12 VDC nominal (range 9V to 36V) 
Power Consumption  Approximately 7W (@12V) 


Operating temperature  Camera : -40˚C to +85˚C
ECU Board : -40˚C to +85˚C 
Storage temperature  -55°C to +95°C  
Impact / Waterproof  ES95400 / IP67 
EMI/EMC  ES96200 


Camera Size / Weight  Size : 57*57*60 mm , Weight : 270 g
ECU Board Size/ Weight  Size : 152*110*28 mm , Weight : 570 g

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